Buckingham, Alister

Name: Buckingham, Alister

Phone: 04 232 9626
Address: 9 Chastudon Place, Tawa
Email: flister@xtra.co.nz

Job: Civil Aviation

Contraindications: High Blood pressure
Medication: Cilazapril

Repetitive movement: Workstation/Computer with frequent breaks
Interests/hobbies: Digging/Sawing


Appointments Date: 28/10/17

Type of massage: Relaxation
Pressure: Medium
Duration of massage: 60 Min
Goal for massage: Relaxation
Areas of conern:
Marked areas on Full back
Anatomy picture:


Massage plan: Relaxation
Massage techiques: Dry/Eff/Pet/DLS
Areas worked on: Full back muscles
Position: Supine

Outcome: Felt good

Home care: Water/Rest


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