Fraser, Kirk

Name: Fraser, Kirt

Phone: 0279220366
Address: 61 Major Drive, Kelson. LH

Job: Policeman

Contraindications: Never stretches

Repetitive movement:


Appointments Date: 30/10/17

Type of massage: 30min chair/30min deep
Pressure: Firm
Duration of massage: 60 Min
Goal for massage: Release tension, pain relief, relaxation
Areas of conern: Neck, head, top of shoulders
Marked areas on
Anatomy picture: –

Papation: tension in posterior neck, both shoulders, both LS, Traps are main concern as very tight.

Massage plan: Tension release in upper traps, LS and posterior neck muscles.
Massage techiques: eff/pet/DLS/compressions/trigger point on traps.
Oil: Yes
Areas worked on:
Position: supine

ROMS: Lateral, rotation, extension, flexion, forward flexion,
Orthopaedic Testing:


Outcome: Client unsure, said it felt better but still a twinge in the right LS ins.

Home care: Water/Rest/flexion of the cerival stetch.

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