Jones, Alison

Name: Jones, Alison

Phone: 022-312-3905
Address: 45 Fox Street, Ngaio

Job: Analyst
Hours: approx 30hrs pw

Contraindications: Heat Rash (Ok)
Medication: –

Repetitive movement: Office work


Appointments Date: 30/10/17

Type of massage: sports
Pressure: Firm
Duration of massage: 60 Min
Goal for massage: Relieve muscle pain, knots
Areas of conern: Shoulders, knees
Marked areas on
Anatomy picture: Neck/shoulders/knees

Papation: Neck/LS/SS/Rhoms/Upper Traps tight.
Both quads tight, more lateral and medial.

Massage plan:
Massage techiques: Dry/eff/pet/DLS/compressions/friction
Oil: Yes
Areas worked on: SS/LS/UT/LT/Rhoms
Position: supine

Outcome: Need to fire up glutes as not working, QL needs more trigger point particuly the left one.

Home care: Water/Rest/Glute excerises back leg extension and fire hydrant 3 reps of 30.


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