Name: Lieke

Phone: 021896300
Address: 365 Willis Street

Job: Scientist
Hours: approx 40hrs pw

Contraindications: allergic to cats
Medication: –

Repetitive movement: Office work
Interests/hobbies: Tramping


Appointments Date: 30/10/17

Type of massage: sports
Pressure: Firm
Duration of massage: 60 Min
Goal for massage: yes, Work on muscles
Areas of conern: Lower back, back knee, glutes
Marked areas on
Anatomy picture: Lower back, Posterior right knee.

Papation: Tight quads, tight lateral calves, possibly soleus as well
tension in hamstrings. QL is tight particuarly on the left side.

Massage plan: Shoulders, SE group, release QL (RL), tension release in quads, calves and hamstrings
Massage techiques: Dry/eff/pet/DLS/compressions/trigger point on QL
Oil: Yes
Areas worked on:
Position: supine

Orthopaedic Testing: Glute Test – positive (R,L)


Outcome: Need to fire up glutes as not working, QL needs more trigger point particuly the left one.
Did not work on quads, calves and hamstrings as QL taking a long time to release.

Home care: Water/Rest/Glute excerises back leg extension and fire hydrant 3 reps of 30.
Advised client to maybe invest in a foam roller to help release quads, calves and hamstrings.
Will need to make another appointment, to follow up with QL as tension still remains. Also
to attend to remaining muscles not worked on.

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