Maddren, Lara

Name: Maddren, Lara

Phone: 027-615-9900
Address: 396 Grant Rd, Thorndon

Job: Train Manager
Hours: approx 20hrs pw
Repetitive movement: Clipping tickets

Injuries: 12years ago operation completed to remove hematoma on the right QL

Appointments Date: 28/10/17

Type of massage: Sports
Pressure: Firm
Duration of massage: 90 Min
Goal for massage: Tension Release
Areas of conern: Left knee buggered
Marked areas on Upper back/Lower back/ right forearm and hand
Anatomy picture:

Papation: Upper back is tight particulary the Upper traps/LVS/rhomboids
Lower back: Right QL has scar tissue from a operation 12yrs ago causing pain on right hip
Massage plan: Release and relax the above mentioned muscles.
Massage techiques: Supine: Hotstone/eff/pet/DLS/Trigger point.

Outcome: Muscles released in upper back, however still a bit of tension in full traps and rhomboids.
Lower Back: Released right knot on hip in the QL, however tension remains in other parts of Q.L
Home care: Water/Rest/Stretch Adivised client to is the QL stretch.

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