Olsen, Andrew

Name:Olsen, Andrew

Address:726 Te Whiti Rd, Gladstone
Email: andrew@tannz.org.nz

Job: CEO

Date: 11/10/17
Type of massage: Relaxation
Pressure: Medium
Duration of massage: 60 Min
Goal for massage:
Areas of conern: Left knee buggered
Marked areas on Anatomy picture: Left knee

Papation: Left Vactus lateralis/It band and tendon very tight, medial lateralis and rectus lateralis also tight.
Left calf has alot of tension. Left Hamstring has tightness.

Massage plan: Release and relax the above mentioned muscles.
Massage techiques: Supine: Left quads,hamstring, IT Band, calf./eff/pet/DLS/MET/Trigger point.

Outcome: Left Vactus lateralis and It band and calf still tight, needs more work.

Home care: Water/Rest/Stretch Advised client to use foam roller and cricket ball to release quads and calves.

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