Rawiri, Will

Name: Rawiri, Will

Phone: 027-445-8154
Address: 45 Hazlewood Ave, karori.
Email: will.rawiri@anz.com

Job: Banker
Hours: approx 30hrs pw

Contraindications: Inflammation
Medication: –

Repetitive movement: Office work
Interests/hobbies: gym – lifting weights, 3 days pw.

Appointments Date:

Type of massage:
Pressure: Medium/Firm
Duration of massage: 60 Min
Goal for massage: Pain Relief
Areas of conern: Back/Neck pain
Marked areas on
Anatomy picture: Left neck/back

Papation: Adhension located on left Rhom/UT
Adhension located on left LS ins

Massage plan:
Massage techiques: Dry/eff/pet/DLS/compressions/friction
Oil: Yes
Areas worked on: SS/LS/UT/LT/Rhoms
Position: supine


Home care: Water/Rest/pec stretch

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